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Standing on a previous donation

The source of good is the project of establishing a laboratory and radiological unit in Jordan

Dr. Ahmed Al Sheha, Executive Director of Mabra Al-Khair Al-Kheir visited the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to view the project of establishing a laboratory and radiation unit in cooperation with the Arab Medical Relief Society in Jordan.

It is worth mentioning that this visit comes in order to achieve the objectives of the Mabra in working to consolidate and strengthen cooperation and partnership relations with the specialized institutions in the field of specific programs and projects in order to exchange experiences and benefit from the human and intellectual energies in this field and to support or adopt new programs in coordination with the beneficiaries And competent.


Mabarra aims at effective partnership with local institutions

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Mabarat Al Manakh and the Kuwaiti Society for Dyslexia 

A memorandum of understanding was signed with the Kuwait Dyslexia Society.

This document is part of Mabarra’s endeavor to build partnerships with educational institutions to support quality projects and educational programs.

The signing ceremony was attended by Mr. Mohammed Yousif Al Saqer, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Ahmed Abdul Rahman Al Sheha, Executive Director of Mabrah, Mr. Salem Al Sharhan, Director of Educational Projects Management, Mr. Hamad Al Fahd, Director of Private Projects and Mr. Fahad Al-Ariman, Chairman of the Department of Social Projects, and representative of the Kuwaiti Society for Dyslexia, Mr. Mohammed Yousef Al Qatami, Chairman of the Board and Mr. Salem Al Sharhan, Director General of the Society.

Where Al-Mabra contributes in kind and cash

The Mezzanine receives falcon and shouts 

Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Mohammed Yousuf Al-Saqr and Dr. Ahmed Abdulrahman Al-Shihah, Executive Director of Mabrat Al-Khair, met with the Mabrat Al-Bir Charity delegation in a series of meetings with voluntary and charitable organizations. During the meeting, they reviewed the surplus food project supervised by Al-Mabarra and aims to achieve the objective of managing private projects to work on adopting quality projects through cooperation with some specialized institutions.

To inspect past projects and to organize subsequent projects

Mabra Al-Khair Foundation stands for its donation to Al-Madina International University and is working on implementing several pioneering projects in Egypt

In the framework of his visit to external projects, Dr. Ahmed Al Sheha, Executive Director of Mabra Al-Khair Al-Khair Foundation, visited projects implemented in the Arab Republic of Egypt.It is worth mentioning that the visits included the presence of Al-Mabarra donation at Al-Madina International University, which is part of its objectives in implementing, achieving and supporting educational projects in order to raise the efficiency of academic institutions. 

During his visit, the Doctor met with a number of specialists in the field of consultancy, research and translation, and discussed with them ways to establish a specialized research center to serve translation studies in order to support and develop them. His visit culminated in an agreement with the relevant authorities on the establishment of an educational center to develop Arabic language programs for non-native speakers in Egypt.

In the framework of joint cooperation with institutions

A delegation of good sources in a friendly visit to Ibn al-Qayyim bookstore and digital library 

A delegation from the Kuwaiti Good Morning headed by Dr. Ahmed Al Sheheh, Abdulaziz Al-Dosari and Salem Al-Sharhan visited a friendly and scientific visit to the Ibn al-Qayyim library in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to learn about the achievements and benefit from the experiences. External Centers.

The visit comes within the framework of the interest of Al Mabarra in the quality and educational projects adopted or sponsored by Al Mabarra within its annual plans.