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In order to achieve the goal of additions and increase studies for previous projects

Representative of the Latin Institute of Brazil, on a visit to Mabraa, the sources of good Kuwait

Dr. Mohammed Al-Rahidi, representative of the Latin American Institute for Islamic Studies, visited the Mabraa Al-Khair Al-Khair Foundation in its headquarters in Omariya.
The visit was attended by Dr. Ahmed Al Sheha, Mr. Salem Al-Sharhan, Eng. Abdul Aziz Al-Dosari and Mr. Hamad Al-Fahd. 
During the visit, Al-Rahidi prefers to give a detailed explanation of the Latin Institute in Brazil and its work and strategy.

Several projects of mutual interest were discussed, such as the resort project, the Waqf Farm, the Halal Slaughter Project, the Teacher Da’i Project and the Translation Project.
During the visit, a proposal was made regarding the introduction of new names to the Board of Trustees of the Institute, as well as the provision of papers to the Institute.

During which he visited a number of the Center and the charity

A delegation of good sources in Morocco opens new horizons for action

A delegation from Mabrat Al-Khair Al-Kheir visited the Kingdom of Morocco, headed by Dr. Ahmed Al-Shehha, Executive Director of Maba’at Al-Khair, together with Engineer Abdul Aziz Al-Dosari, Director of Technical Support Department and Director of Educational Projects.

During the visit, the delegation discussed several issues of common concern, in addition to reviewing the names of the entities that can cooperate with them in launching a number of specific projects.

In the framework of the visit, the delegation met with the Noble Center for Scientific Research to open new horizons for work in Morocco.
During the visit, an agreement was reached between the sources of good and the nobles’ center to work on publishing an encyclopedic book of great scientific value.

To draw a vision, mission and objectives and to prepare a plan of action

Mabra Al-Khair Al-Khair Foundation holds a long workshop to review quantitative targets for 2015


Mabrat Al-Khair Al-Khair Foundation held a workshop on 28 and 29 of the year 2014 to review the quantitative targets for the year 2015. 

The workshop was attended by members of the Board of Trustees of Al Mabra, represented by: Mr. Ahmed Yousef Al Saqer, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Mohammed Yousef Al Saqer, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Board Members, Dr. Ahmed Al Sheha, and Mr. Abdul Rahman Al Mutawa.

After the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with the Youth and Sports Authority

Launch of the sports and cultural events of Al-Amal Center under the supervision of Mabrata Al-Khair Al-Khair

Al-Khair Al-Khair Foundation inaugurated the cultural, social and cultural events of Al-Amal Center in the Sulaybiyah area under the supervision of the Head of the Social Programs Department Mr. Fahad Al-Araiman.

This inauguration marks the culmination of the work of the Social Projects Department in Al-Mabarra and the continuation of Al-Mabarah activities in the sports, social and cultural fields.

It is worth mentioning that the Center has seen a turnout of young people in the region to register in the membership of the Center and to join its programs and activities.

It is worth mentioning that the Mabra Al-Khair Al-Khair Foundation has previously signed with the General Authority for Youth and Sports a memorandum of agreement on the operation of the building and yards of the center of the Commission and benefit from the facilities of the building and its halls and sports fields.

Prior to the launch, Al-Mabarra carried out the maintenance of the building, stadiums and halls so that the center would be ready and ready to welcome the youth of the region and start the various activities of the center.

To receive and activate Hope Center

 Signed Memorandum of Agreement between Mabratah Al-Khair Al-Khair and the General Authority for Youth and Sports 

A memorandum of agreement with the General Authority for Youth and Sports signed on the occasion of the use of sports squares in the Crusades.

The signing ceremony was attended by Mr. Mohammed Yousif Al Saqer, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Dr. Ahmed Abdul Rahman Al Sheha, Executive Director of Mabrah, Mr. Salem Al Sharhan, Director of Educational Projects Management, Mr. Hamad Al Fahd, Director of Private Projects and Mr. Fahad Al-Ariman, Al-Amal and the Head of the Social Projects Department, and the representative of the Youth and Sports Authority, Deputy Director General for Sports Affairs, and Mr. Ahmed Abdul Razzaq Al-Khazal.