Visit of the Kuwait Red Crescent Society

A delegation of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), accompanied by a delegation of Al-Mabarra, visited the Zakat House. They were received by the General Director of Zakat House Ibrahim Ahmed Al Saleh, the Director of External Activities Department, Adel Khaled Al Jeri, the Office of the Director-General, Mr. Abdullah Al-Haidar from the Office of the Director.

Mr. Al Saleh welcomed the guests from MSF “Médecins Sans Frontières”. He presented brief explanation of Zakat House and expressed his readiness to cooperate with the organization in its relief and health efforts.

On the other hand, Mr. Mohammed Bally spoke about MSF and its scope and presented a brief explanation of the important health and humanitarian achievements of the organization. Mr. Mohammed Bally explained the importance and necessity of providing health and humanitarian support to Nigerians emigrant, because of their health bad conditions and the lack of food security. They are in a desperately need of food, water and medicine. He also thanked the Zakat House for their generous hospitality and expressed the organization’s readiness to cooperate with Zakat House in the best interests of those in need.