The Visit of the International Islamic Charitable Organization

A delegation of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) visited the headquarters of the International Islamic Charitable Organization accompanied by a delegation from Al-Mabarra. The delegation was received by Dr. Abdullah Al-Ma’touk, Advisor to the Emiri Diwan, the UN Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, the Minister of Justice and Awqaf And the former Islamic Affairs, and the General Director of the Authority / Badr Saud Al-Sumait, and the Director of the Office/ Adel Hajji.

Dr. Al-Ma’touk welcomed the guests of the United Arab Emirates in Kuwait and presented a brief explanation of the Commission’s activities, achievements and aspirations. He commended MSF and its efforts in the region especially in the areas of disasters and crises. Health and humanitarian work carried out by FAO in the affected areas.

Mr. Mohamed Bally thanked the International Islamic Charitable Organization for its hospitality and good reception. He then presented a brief explanation about Médecins Sans Frontières and the regions in which it operates. He mentioned examples of its efforts and achievements and expressed its readiness to cooperate with the Commission in cases of mutual interest, including the relief of displaced Nigerians in the Borno state, hoping that this cooperation will have bright images of relief and humanitarian work, which is proud of the State of Kuwait and the people.