The Visit of Patient’s helping Fund society

A delegation of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), accompanied by a delegation of Al-Khair Al-Khair, visited the Patient’s helping Fund society in Kuwait, where they were received by Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Al-Sharhan and the General Director of the society Dr. Jamal Al-Fawzan.

Dr. Al-Sharhan welcomed the guests of the United Arab Emirates in Kuwait and briefed them on the activities, achievements and aspirations of the society. He commended Médecins Sans Frontières for its efforts in the region, especially in disaster and crisis areas.

Mr. Mohammed Bally thanked Patient’s helping Fund society for his hospitality and good reception. He then gave a brief explanation about Médecins Sans Frontières and the areas in which he worked. He mentioned examples of its efforts and achievements and expressed its desire to cooperate with the Association the Nigerians in Borno state wishing that this cooperation will be bright images of relief and humanitarian work, which boasts the State of Kuwait and the people of Kuwait.