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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs visit

A delegation of Medicines Sans Frontiers (MSF), accompanied by a delegation from the Fountain of Goodness (Al-Mabarra), visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They were received by Mr. Abdullah Al-Khubaisi, Humanitarian Affairs Officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who welcomed Kuwait’s guests from the United Arab Emirates and a delegation of Al-Mabarra.

A brief explanation of the role of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs supervisory and regulatory supervision of charitable work outside Kuwait, reviewing the most important humanitarian achievements of Kuwait in this area. Mr. Abdullah Al-Khubaisi also expressed his readiness to cooperate with the organization on the one hand, as well as the donors inside Kuwait in the benefit of the displaced and the affected.

On the other hand, Mr. Mohammed Bally spoke about MSF and its scope of work, and gave a presentation on the most important health and humanitarian achievements of the organization. Mr. Mohammed Bally of MSF also expressed his admiration for the Kuwaiti charitable work and the great role played by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in this field. He pointed out the importance and necessity of joining together official and popular efforts to ensure the success of humanitarian work in general and medical relief in particular.