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To achieve the goal of studying and completing the projects that have been completed

Representative of the Arab Medical Relief Society in the hospitality of Mabra Al-Khair Al-Khair

Dr. Bassam Al-Bashaira, representative of the Arab Medical Relief Society in Jordan, received at his headquarters in Al-Omariya. He was received by Mr. Abdul Aziz Al-Dosari and Hamad Al-Fahd. During the visit, Dr. Bassam presented a brief about the medical relief society, the current situation in Syria, the work of the association in this regard and the centers established by the association.

It is worth mentioning that Bassam provided an overview of the medical center in Irbid and applied for the transfer of the previous donation from al-Mabarah regarding the establishment of a laboratory and radiation unit in Za’tari camp because of its completion prior to the arrival of the donation and re-allocation to the establishment of a medical laboratory in Irbid, Syrians, and the center does not yet have a laboratory for medical analysis.